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Lab 1: Responding to climate change stories

If you are anything like me, then the thought of the world ending keeps you up at night. The thought of the world getting to the point where climate change is irreversible, keeps you up night AND day.

It turns out we truly are almost there. Articles about climate change just ruined my day, so I am gladly ruining yours. It is our job as humans to take care of our mother earth and we are letting her so down.

Let me run a few facts by you:

Those aren't the only issues that the earth is experiencing. However, this is all our fault.

Photojournalist James Balog walks in front of the California Wildfires in 2018.
Photographer James Balog documenting the causes of climate change in 2018 in the state of California. The rise in temperatures causes wildfires to spark worse than ever.

"There is no uncertainty language in this sentence, because there is no uncertainty that global warming is caused by human activity and the burning of fossil fuels," said IPCC co-author Friederike Otto, a climatologist at University of Oxford.

I'm sure you've heard it all before. One day we are all going to open up Twitter and learn we have 1 more week before the earth gives out. People perceive climate change as something that is political, when in reality it should scare each and every person.

Some people may also be selfish because they feel they won't be here when things really start to hit the fan. Well, I don't think they realize that their own quality of life can be positively affected by their help.

Humans can help, and they should be doing so.

  • Reducing food waste, and adopting a plant-based diet.

Don't get me wrong. Liv Jules loves her chicken wraps and medium well steak, however in moderation the reduction of red meat can help the world tremendously. Green America has a whole journal of how the meat industry has brainwashed us to think that meat is a healthy staple - rumor has it, it's SO not.

  • Reduce water waste.

  • Rethink your means of transportation.

There are many things you can do like that on a daily basis to help with global warming. I'm not here to yell at you, scare you, (Ehhh) or tell you what to do.

A polar bear in arctic waters with one glacier of ice behind him.
Polar Bear swims around with only one block of ice near him during the arctic winter. As climate change is getting worse, the temperatures in the arctic are rising causing the ice to melt. (IMAGE: GETTY)

What I am here to do is bring to your attention what is going on around us. If we can make a change, why not do so?

You can keep track of the impact of climate change on NASA's Interactive Climate Change resource.

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