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Extra Credit — A Podcast New to Me

If you are anything like me who had their attention span ruined by Tiktok, you prefer to watch podcasts rather than strictly listen to them. Does that not make it a podcast anymore? Who knows.

When I was hearing the hype about the amazing and influential, Emma Chamberlain's new podcast, "Anything Goes" I was eager to listen to it until I noticed she prefers it to only be audio. That's not a big problem, but I just never got around to until last week I listened to it while working from home.

Oh my god - I ended up listening to 7 episodes just that day. The length of the episodes range from 45 minutes, to an hour and fifteen.

I like to think I grew up with Emma. I watched her on Youtube when we were both sophomores in high school, and I have watched her grow to someone who now interviews people at the Met Gala, influences everyone's fashion trends, and is now on the cover of Vogue and Forbes.

Throughout all of this growing she did that happened SUPER fast, she is still the same Emma, and it shows in her podcast.

"Anything Goes" touches every subject. It is a very melancholic advice session, where she will have people ask questions from Twitter. Sometimes she will tell embarrassing stories, sometimes she talks about things she doesn't necessarily like - everything she talks about made me feel.... not alone.

It's hard to feel things or experience things in a personal way, because you wonder if it's just you. Her podcast is so relatable to everyone, especially at the age group of 19-21. It really helps that we are so close in age.

"The second that you stop getting in your own way, and you're kind to yourself, and you're graceful with yourself — it's crazy to see how you blossom and what you can find out about yourself."
— Emma Chamberlain

"Anything Goes" feels like a having a deep conversation with a good friend on a gloomy day.

I am grateful for this extra credit opportunity because I was able to find something that I now carry very deeply with me, and look forward to each day.

That is, until I get caught up and have to wait for it once a week!

You can listen to "Anything Goes" on Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts.

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