Where do I begin?


I’ve been crafting stories, taking photos, editing videos and using my imagination for as long as I can remember. I went back and forth every year of grade school asking myself how I can put all my passions into one area. Then it hit me; Journalism!


I am a student at Oakland University (Rochester Hills, MI) and set to graduate in 2022. I specialize in Social Media Managing, Communications & Design, and Public Relations. I have had the opportunity to intern at a PR Firm, as well as interning at the school as a Social Media and Communications planner/manager. 

When I'm not spending my time doing school or being at work, you can find me putting a smile on (and a camera in-) everyone's face.

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I love traveling and experiencing new things.

I value life and I value seeking discomfort. I feel life begins outside of your comfort zone.

How about you?